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Electrical Transformer

This range of three phase Electrical Transformers can be availed in different voltage level and power capacity based choices. These electrical systems have around 60 Hz frequency and their tapping range is approximately +2 x 2.5%. These have standard short circuit impedance level. Provided Electrical Transformers have oxygen free copper lines that reduce load loss and improve electrical performance. Top grade silicon steel plates have been used to design these systems. Wooden laminating insulation pieces of these transformers can endure short circuit. Rubber made sealing components of these products make these leakage and aging protected. Multi layered drum type structure of these systems is completely rust proof.
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Power & Distribution Transformers

Upto 31,500 KVA of 132 kv class 250 KVA to 16 MVA in 33 kv class 250 KVA to 3150 KVA upto 11 kv class